“The Surprising Secret to Peaceful Relationships”

Work relationships…Family relationships…Romantic relationship…Friendships…

A Relationship is a Relationship!

Who Should Attend

  • People who are tired of struggling in their current personal and/or work relationships
  • People who are tired of holding anger and resentment toward important people in their life
  • People who are experiencing an increase in life challenges and conflicts
  • People who want to figure out what went wrong in past relationships
  • People who want more peace in their current relationships

What You Will Learn In This Workshop

  • How to become more aware of your emotional wounds and triggers
  • What your unconscious defense mechanisms are that inhibit you from seeing and experiencing interpersonal situations objectively
  • How to see your hard-to-see part in your relationship conflicts and challenges
  • How to not take other people’s words and actions so personally

Duration – 2.5 hours

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“Interactions with people are the major source of emotional turmoil, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The problem is that we are continually judging people, wishing that they were something they are not…We want them to think and act a certain way, most often the way we think and act. And because that is not possible, because everyone is different, we are continually frustrated and upset.”
– Robert Greene, Best-Selling Author of “The Laws of Human Nature”