The Process

Working with me, we go through an in-depth 7-step process of uncovering and uprooting lifelong fears, blind spots, triggers – aspects of yourself that are simply no longer working. Through this process I help you discover that who you have been is not who you will always be, resulting in greater confidence and peace of mind.

Below are the 7-steps. We’re delving into our emotional and psychological world, so it’s important to be aware that these steps are not linear. The layered onion metaphor is real. Life is about improving while doing – while living your life more and more consciously. So rinse and repeat these 7 steps whenever necessary.

  1. Self-Confrontation

Recognize and acknowledge your emotional sore spots and triggers. Confronting our knee-jerk reactions is the beginning of the healing journey.

  1. Self-Inquiry

Be relentlessly curious! After recognizing and acknowledging your sore spots and triggers, you develop a practice of asking yourself why you did/said/felt _____.  You begin to connect the dots of old, unacknowledged emotional and psychological wounds and conditioning to your current and past conflicts and challenges.

  1. Self-Excavation

Drill down into your suppressed and repressed psyche that you have unconsciously disassociated yourself from as a coping strategy starting when you were very young.

  1. Rant

Feel it all! Rant it out through creative expression, i.e., journaling, rigorous exercise, music, etc. And no, you don’t have permission to dump your rant onto others. (A “rant” is the expression of an initial recognition that something isn’t right, even if you don’t quite know what’s really wrong.)

  1. Reframe

Shift your perspective as you see your situation – your life – from a broader new viewpoint. You’ll more clearly see how you’ve been thinking, feeling, and behaving via unhealed emotional wounds and deep conditioning. Many of your life perceptions and beliefs will change and/or disintegrate.

  1. Reclaim Responsibility

Break the cycle of blame, despair, and disempowerment! You are not your story; you are greater than your story. The past lives on in the present until you learn the lessons, heal the wounds, and break free of the cycle.

  1. Integrate

This is a process of evolution! You will quickly realize that who you have been is absolutely NOT who you will always be.

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