To my Community:

young girl in the grassOver the past 100 years or so, our American culture has grown into a toxic frenzy, a place and a lifestyle where entitled over-abundance, negativity, and dis-ease have grown and spread by leaps and bounds. We have created an unsustainable environment where extreme competition trumps cooperation and hyper-productivity is seen as a means of survival.   

And then out of nowhere, Life pressed the “PAUSE” button without an end in sight. Feelings of powerlessness quickly turn to fear because nature once again reminds us that we are not in control here. 

Sadly, many have died from this virus and many continue to suffer because of it. What I have to say here does not at all diminish the sadness in my heart for the physical, emotional, and financial pain that is being experienced all around the globe.

But these crazy times are not without some silver linings, if we have the eyes of heart and clarity of mind to see them…  

These days I walk in my neighborhood and I see families strolling together. Fathers playing ball with their kids. Couples holding hands and people waving hello. 

I hear birds singing, leaves blowing in the breeze, and insects buzzing around. The loud, unnatural sounds of cars, lawn blowers, and jack hammers still blare on occasion but with far less frequency. And when they do, it’s even more obvious how unnatural those sounds are.

But another silver lining may be a bit harder to see as such…

One of the things that happens in the midst of external uncertainly is that the internal uncertainties we have (and we all have them) get stirred up. For some of us, we’ve allowed the unnatural frantic pace of our life to keep that inconvenient inner “stuff” shoved down and held at bay just far enough away that we don’t have to deal with it.

And maybe even before this CV showed up, you were already experiencing some inner emotional bubbling and grumbling and now with this forced slow down (shut down), you’re finally allowing it (whatever “it” is) to bubble on up to the surface. 

Do not be afraid of “it” – those feelings of great anxiety, fear, and overall emotional overwhelm. 

Do not be afraid because it is the natural sound of your Soul, calling you to what is out of balance, out of alignment with your true natural Being.

Can you hear it? Can you feel it? It may very well have been trying to get your attention for quite a long time. 

Will you finally listen to your Soul’s call?

My Soul’s call now is clearer than ever: To serve my community – you who are waking up to the feeling that something is wrong with your life – this life – but you just can’t pinpoint what it is.

I serve you by providing a safe space to be open and vulnerable. By reminding you that you are not alone in your inner bubbling and grumbling. Because simply being able to express our darkest feelings helps brighten our hope and deepen our resilience.  

No business strategies or marketing ploys to increase my pipeline. I’m not good at that stuff anyway. 

So grab a spot on my calendar, and let’s chat. Let’s begin the process of unraveling your onion. Let’s get you on a path that will ultimately reveal your core, which is the peace and power of who you truly are inside.

“Step into the fire of Self-discovery. This fire will not burn you. It will only burn that which you are not.” ~ Mooji